10% Discount Offer Spring 2024


Thank you for scanning our QR code.  We’re delighted to offer you a 10% discount at our new venue Park Brew & Kitchen (PB&K).  Here’s the nitty gritty-

  • Feel free to redeem this discount across any of the following – coffee, lunch, drinks and/or dinner in the evening
  • It can only be used once (please hand the flyer over to the staff once you have ordered/paid)
  • It is non-transferable – this is a special offer for our local residents only
  • The offer ends on the 18/05/24 at midnight
  • This offer is for PB&K only and cannot be used for The Park Brewery Tap Room or for take-away cans/home deliveries
  • This offer cannot be taken up with any other discount schemes which may be running
  • Investors, this offer cannot be used on top of your existing investor discount


We hope you have a fantastic time and come back soon!  We do recommend booking for dinner.  You can do this by filling in the booking form on our main home page: HERE

Or drop us a line: hello@parkbrewandkitchen.com

Here’s a link to our reviews so far: REVIEWS

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