Birthday Beer

This beer is very special to us. It’s the kind of flavour packed, rich and juicy pale ale we all LOVE.

When we turned 8, we decided to brew something for ourselves in celebration of what we have achieved.

The stunning label combines some of our best selling beers from over the last couple of years. Prior to this point, we had a different label design and format. But we now really like our photography which celebrates The Park, our love of nature, colour and of course the stories which inspire us.

In this label we feature snippets of design from – Amelia, 1637 Pils, Gallows, Killcat, Phantom, Ballet Loop, Field Haze and Spankers Hill.

We hope you enjoy it 🙂

We also aim to re-brew it for our 9th! Watch this space.

8th birthday the park brewery

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