Why The Wanderings?

This beer is special.  The hops are all locally sourced (within 2 miles of the brewery).  And the name idea came from Sunflower Streets Residents’ Association (SSRA)  – again, super local to the brewery.  A community beer!
  • Wanderings Farm – and its 200-year old farmhouse – were demolished in the 50’s but its meadows stretched right down to what is now the Kingsmeadow area. 
  • This web page explains how the name might have come about, suggesting it was linked to the “rare use of wandering to describe an out-of-the-way, inaccessible place”!
  • However, this book references the ‘Wanderings’ area on the eastern edge of Kingston as being poor, and “home to labourers and laundrywomen” in the 1800s (p.113). 
  • On p.164 the book adds that the area was “mainly rural with some brickfields. Farming interests in the area were generally smallholdings, but the farmland was beginning to be developed for housing” 

Thank you to Suzanne Seyghal Buckingham, Secretary – Sunflower Streets Residents’ Association (SSRA) for this wealth of info!

The beer is a 4% golden ale, with delicate, light and spicy notes.  Come and try it at our Tap Room (Unit 7, Hampden Road, KT1 3LG)

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