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By Miranda Wood - 7 Jan

Dry January? We’ve got dry beers packed with flavour for you to try

Don’t let Dry January be a drag – We’ve got plenty of dry, crisp and delicious beers so you can stick to your New Years resolution.

Looking for an dry, easy drinking beer? Then, Dawn Pink Brut IPA 5.9% ABV is your cup of tea. A celebratory, effervescent beer. Extra pale pink in colour and brewed super dry and crisp. The champagne of all beers. Our take on a style that comes out of San Francisco and named after a winter-blooming flower found in the Isabella Plantation of Richmond Park.

Killcat is another easy drinker. Low ABV at 3.7% ABV. Part of our core range, this popular Pale is available all year round. Dry and crisp. Packed with lemon and lime flavours. Named after sinister sounding Killcat corner in Richmond Park.

If you’re looking for dry dark beer to lap up this winter, why not try our Jackdaw Modern Porter 4.4% ABV? A must-try, dry, fruity Porter that’s packed with hops for a complex flavour. A nod to the cheeky Jackdaws that make Richmond Park their home. Stand beneath a flock of these birds perching in a tree in winter for a spooky experience.

Alternatively, you might fancy a lager? We’ve got two dry drinks for you to try, if you haven’t already!

Phantom Kolsch-style lager 4.8%ABV is our take a style specific to one town in Germany – Cologne. Legit Kolsch beers can only be made in this region which is why we call Phantom a Kolsch-style lager. Dry, fruity, clean and crisp and seriously drinkable. This beer is tied to the special recon unit that was based in Richmond Park during WW2 which maintained vital lines of communication during the war.

Plus, we’ve got one of our signature beers – Tread Lightly 3.3% ABV! An extra light lager with a dry and crisp mouth-feel. Made with locally sourced hops and UK ingredients, Tread Lightly is our low abv, low carbon footprint beer. First released in 2016, we joined forces with Friends of Richmond Park to help amplify a message to #TreadLightly in Richmond Park. Leave nothing behind. Take nothing home with you. The can artwork makes a nod to the campaign film, starring David Attenborough, which urges people to look after the park. Watch this film here.

Still tempted to stick to your dry January resolution? Hope so 😉

Grab a 6, 12, or 24 mixed case from as little as £18 for the ultimate weekend treat this January. Plus, sign-up to our email to receive a 10% discount code to use on your first purchase.

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Hope to see you soon!


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