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By roberta0967 - 1 Nov

Happy World Vegan Day everyone!

1st November is the annual celebration of World Vegan Day. And, with COP26 kicking off on the same day, we thought we’d show our solidarity to making the world a better and greener place.

In recent years veganism has boomed in popularity with more people swapping meat and dairy for plant-based products and is now properly recognised as a way of life, rather than a diet.

If you make the switch, there’s one hell of a positive environmental impact, with the likes of a reduction in greenhouse gasses that are a major part of global warming and climate change. There’s also evidence that veganism can help combat world hunger, with the food used to feed livestock instead used to help those that struggle to find or afford food.

We’re proud to celebrate today because all our beers are Vegan friendly. Every single one of them. Hazy, unfined, tasty beers that everyone can enjoy.

For a beer to not be Vegan friendly, it has a product called Isinglass added to the brew process. Isinglass is used to make beer clear. It’s taken from the swim bladders of tropical or subtropical fish, and is therefore not vegan.

In addition, research is finding that although isinglass may make beer clear and bright, the aesthetic might actually come at the expense of taste. As finings settle to the bottom of the cask, they can also sink some of the taste right out of the pint as well.

We’re all about big flavour and big aroma in our beers so you’ll never find us using Isinglass. Plus, we’re doing everything our small business can to support the climate crisis (you heard it hear first… solar panels could be coming soon to help cut our carbon footprint!!)

Whether you’ve already made the leap to be a fully-fledged Vegan, or are testing the waters, we want you to have the confidence to know that our beers can be enjoyed as part of a vegan lifestyle. We hope our commitment will inspire more people to make their diets less meat-based with the aim to help the environment.

Speak soon,

Team PB 🙂

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