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By roberta0967 - 22 Oct

How our Halloween quiz celebrates the spooky tales behind our beers

We’ve got some sinister stories that link-up our beers with nearby Richmond Park. So to commemorate the spooky season, we’re bringing you our FIRST EVER Halloween quiz to the Tap Room.

For one day only, Saturday 30th October 2021, come and have a go at our table-top quiz while sipping on spooktacular beers. Big prizes to be won!! Tables of 1-8 welcome!!!

Want to learn more about the sinister stories connecting Richmond Park to our beers??


Gallows is the first ever beer we sold and it still tastes like the original recipe. Juicy and sweet with aromas of ripe mangos. It’s named after the gallows that once stood by Ladderstile gate. The infamous gallows are no longer in the park. But visitors can stop by Gallows Pond which gets its name from the gallows that stood nearby. Spookily, the pond was chocked by an invasive weed so had to be re-dug in 2015, close to its original site.

Killcat is another of our core range beers with an eerie story behind it. A highly moreish pale ale with hoppy flavours of grapefruit and lemon, with a floral aroma from the blend of dry hops – Tahieke, Waimea and Motueka. This beer is named after Killcat corner in Richmond Park, the origins of which remain a mystery.

Plus, our new Porter Jackdaw will be on tap. Moreish with chocolate and coffee undertones. We can’t wait for you to try it. Stand beneath a flock of jackdaws on a wintery day and they create a gothic melancholy atmosphere. Spooky.

So what are you waiting for?

Come and have a go at our Halloween quiz while sipping on sinister sounding beers. Saturday 30th October. 2 tap room sessions. Bookings on a first come first serve basis so drop us a line before we’re fully booked!

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