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By Frankie Kearns - 28 Apr

International Women’s Day Brew

We’ve gone all out this year on a very exciting and unique beer brewed entirely by the women in the team.  Available now in cask, keg and 440ml can, is our very own Brigadeiro Milk Stout.  Plenty of dark chocolate and toffee flavours from the huge array of malt thrown in (10 different grains!) as well as some home-made traditional Brigadeiro.  Sweet, smooth and approachable at 3.5% ABV, don’t miss out.

The inspiration for this beer comes from Brazil, a country we have a strong connection with through one of our team members. For IWD 2022, we wanted to brew this beer to help raise awareness of the gender-based violence that many Latin American (and specifically Brazilian) women face on a daily basis. Brazil consistently has one of the highest rates of violence against women and femicide in the world.  This is an issue that also transcends borders, with many Brazilian and Latin American women continuing to experience abuse and domestic violence when moving abroad. One of the organisations providing critical support and care for these women is LAWA (Latin American Women’s Aid), and we’re incredibly proud to be collaborating with them on this very special beer, including donating 10p for every can sold. 

Latin American Women’s Aid runs the only refuges in the UK by and for Latin American women and children survivors of gender-based violence.

Brigadeiro is a traditional Brazilian dessert, made using cocoa powder, condensed milk and butter. The origin of the dessert isn’t exactly clear, but it’s historical link to women’s rights in Brazil is very strong. In the early 1940’s, women in Brazil finally earned the right to vote in national elections, and it was commonplace for them to sell Brigadeiro in order to raise money for their chosen candidate. 

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