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By Miranda Wood - 15 Jul

KLAXONS for our new collaboration beer: ROAD TO FREEDOM

We’re celebrating Indie Beer Shop Day on Saturday 17th July 2021 with our brand-new beer made in collaboration with one of our favourite local shops – 7000 Jars of Beer!

Road To Freedom is a light American wheat beer with notes of honeydew and grapefruit from the whirlpool hops. Then flavours of lemon and red berries from the dry hops.

To celebrate Indie Beer Shop Day, 7000 Jars of Beer is having a covid-secure celebration at their shop. Expect high spirits, free nibbles four banging beers on tap including Road To Freedom, in the heart of Kingston upon Thames!

We’re ecstatic to be taking part in Indie Beer Shop Day 2021. This new beer marks the first time our friends 7000 Jars of Beer have collaborated with a brewery to put their stamp on a super quaffable beer. We’re thrilled to be the blessed chosen one.

As with all of our beers, we like to tie them in with stories about Richmond Park. Road To Freedom is nod to philosopher Bertrand Russell, who grew up in Pembroke Lodge in Richmond Park. “Proposed Road To Freedom” is the title of one of his books.

What’s more, it just so happens that Road To Freedom is launching the weekend before “Freedom Day” in England. We like to think this beer also commemorates our long-awaited road to lockdown freedom.

Shop Road To Freedom on our webshop now.

Stay safe, healthy and see you at the shop party at 7000 Jars of Beer on Saturday.

Team PB 😊

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