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By Miranda Wood - 1 Nov

The Mystery Behind Our Names

The Mystery Behind Our Names

The Park Brewery is situated near Richmond Park.  We’ve used the unusual place names inside the park to name our beers. The map above highlights the individual locations of our core range of beers and proves Spankers Hill Wood does actually exist.  While we’re at it we have nothing at all against cats, we like cats, cats are great, we just happen to think Killcat is a good name for a pale ale.

We’re based at the southern point of the park in Kingston upon Thames.  We’re currently the only brewery in our home town.  Our location is important to us and we celebrate being local as well as resurrecting Kingston’s rich brewing history.

Killcat Pale Ale: A crisp refreshing pale ale, named after the sinister sounding Killcat Corner, whose name remains a complete mystery (no corners or cats in sight).

Gallows Gold: A golden ale inspired by Gallows Pond – named after the gallows that once stood at Kingston Gate.

Spankers IPA: Spankers Hill Wood was planted in 1819 and that’s about all the information we can gather. It also makes a cracking name for this punchy, juicy IPA.

Two Storm Ruby: A dark ruby beer named after Two Storm Wood, planted in the aftermath of the violent storms of 1987 and 1990.

Dark Hill: A black IPA not overly malty on the palate. This one inevitably takes its name from Dark Hill, situated at the southern end of the park.

two-storm-ruby spankers killcat-pale dark-hill gallows-gold

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