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By Frankie Kearns - 26 Sep

Tread Lightly New BEER ALERT!!

Joining the amazing assortment of great beers, we have the return of one of our favourites, here’s the background-


A couple of years ago, we joined forces with Friends of Richmond Park to help promote a nature conservation campaign called ‘Tread Lightly’, which was launched to help protect London’s very own National Nature Reserve; Richmond Park. The campaign features a film from David Attenborough, which urges people to look after the park.  You can watch the film here

To spread the park love we launched a limited edition beer called ‘Tread Lightly’ with all ingredients from the UK, including hops from an Epsom garden thanks to Jackie and Chris, who not only grew the hops, but also helped pack the beer.  Legends.

Richard Gray, Chairman Friends of Richmond Park and film producer said, “it was a natural fit for us to team up with local brewer, The Park Brewery, to amplify the campaign’s messages and engage people at a local level. The Park Brewery has many loyal and local fans that we are sure will get behind our campaign and follow David Attenborough’s simple steps to take care of the park.”

Richmond Park is our heartland and we’re still delighted to be get behind a campaign to celebrate, and preserve its beauty. Given its name – Tread Lightly – has a low carbon footprint and a low ABV (3.2%).  It’s a session beer with delicate and subtle flavours and hints of tropical fruits. We hope to reinforce the key messages of the campaign and remind people to leave nothing behind and take nothing away when visiting the park.

The picture on the can, are the actual hops used in the brew and taken by Josh Kearns on the day they were harvested.

Tread Lightly will be on sale from 28th September 2020. It will be available from local independent bottle shops close to Richmond Park and on our webshop

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