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By Frankie Kearns - 5 Apr

Your Questions Answered!


Here we go, hopefully this helps:

Q. How long do the 5L mini-kegs/bags in boxes last once opened?

A. Best consumed within 5 days.  Drink fresh!

Q. Where should they be stored?

Somewhere cool, fridge ideally, otherwise, we keep ours in the garden.

Q. How long do the 5L mini-kegs/bags in boxes last unopened?

A.  Approximately 3-5 days, but strongly recommend drinking fresh, for best results.  Again, store in a cool place.

Q. The bag (in the box) is swelling, is that normal?

A. Yes!  It’s fine.  As soon as you open it up, the pressure will ease off.

Q. Can I get a mixed case of cans?

A. Yes.  Please email us about this while we figure out how to set it up.

Q. Where do you deliver?

A. We’re offering free home deliveries for those within 5 miles of the brewery.  (KT1 3LG). This may change, but we’re completely maxed out at this time.

Q.  When do you deliver?  How long do I have to wait for my beer!!!?

A. For orders Monday – Thursday, you’ll have your beer the next day.  Orders placed on a Friday night Saturday or Sunday, will receive the beer the following Tuesday. We don’t deliver on Sundays or Mondays.

Q. Is the shop open to pick up beer?

Not at the moment.  But we hope to open it very soon.

Q.  What is the minimum order?

A. £25 to qualify for free delivery.

Q. Are they recyclable? (The 5L packs)

A. The metal mini-kegs can go into recycling.  We would love to be able to re-use them and are looking into it.  The bags and boxes – the cardboard can be recycled and bags, I’m afraid, cannot.

Q. What measures are in place to ensure that the beer will be safe for me to handle and drink?

A. To ensure the safety of both our health, and yours, our mini kegs are submerged in brewery standard oxidizing acid sanitiser. All beer bags and cans are sprayed with the same solution which ensures that any bacteria which may have existed is killed off.  Protective, clean gloves are worn at all times, from our brewery to your doorstep.

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